Mike Stanton – May 2011

Here is a story.  Six of Mike Stanton’s last thirteen hits have been home runs.  That makes nine to date in May 2011.


The 2011 Baseball Season

Are there any compelling stories in baseball besides pitching, Jose Bautista, and the Dodgers’ owner(s)?

Bulls v. Heat, 1-0

Looks like an enduring rivalry between the Bulls and the Heat, and between the OKC Thunder and a team TBD, maybe the Trail Blazers, maybe the Clippers.  I promise I’m not front running on the Bulls or Thunder.  Since my wife took me to see see the Rockets v. Bulls at the United Center (the Rockets were lead by Ron Artest’s 32 points and 3 steals), I’ve been hooked on D. Rose.  Shortly thereafter was the epic 2009 Bulls v. Celtics first round playoff series.

Game one of Bulls v. Heat 2011, the Heat just cannot stop the relentless execution of the Bulls half-court game.  Spoelstra seems to agree when he spoke, post-game, of their inability to move the ball, screen, and set up shots.  It’s clear the Heat can win games on pure athletic talent.  I’m certainly not reducing this game or this match up to just rebounding or running plays, it’s much more complex.  And that is why this is such a great match-up.

China’s Arms Sales

According to the WSJ, China is cloning Russian military technology and then exporting it to buyer nations. Notably, Russia alleges that China has cloned their fighter jet, the Sukhoi Su-27. Word is that potential buyers include Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Nigeria, Morocco, Turkey and Sudan. Of course, there is another county who might be interested. Starts with an I and ends with a ran. Iran purchased $260M between 2006 and 2009. In 2007, the BBC speculated that China had sold arms to the Taliban.

Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta’s Valor

In 2007, Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta ran into gunfire without a weapon when one of his boys, who had been shot six times, was being captured by Taliban soldiers. Read the official narrative of the incident here.  Mr. Giunta was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions, which sets a pretty high standard for the term “rally,” and should put the drama in your life in perspective. Here’s to Mr. Giunta.

Iphone Google Voice App Made Available by Apple

The Google Voice iphone application was made available by Apple after delay testing was completed to allow drunk dialing to your heart’s content.

US Government Aided Nazis After WWII

A Department of Justice report details the extent of the government’s involvement with so-called “former” Nazis after WWII. Some of these “former” Nazis who were deemed to be helpful to US interests, scientists and whatnot, turned out to be less scientists and more Nazis. The DOJ did not officially publish the report, and insists that some portions are not accurate. Read the full report, which the NYTimes got a hold of, here. (NYTimes)